Why serverless is the perfect hosting solution for WooCommerce

Serverless computing isn’t discussed much in the WordPress community. But it has the potential to transform how WordPress sites scale and perform.

No WordPress platform has more to gain from serverless computing than WooCommerce. Hosting a WooCommerce site comes with unique challenges that you don’t have when hosting a regular WordPress site. That’s why a lot of managed WordPress hosting companies started to offer dedicated WooCommerce hosting.

Serverless is the perfect technological solution to tackle those challenges. That’s why you’ll probably start hearing more and more about it.

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How much does hosting a blog with AWS Lambda cost?

One of the major challenges of using Ymir to host a WordPress site on AWS Lambda is estimating cost. AWS uses usage-based pricing for a lot of its services. This makes calculating the cost of hosting a WordPress site on AWS challenging.

I’ve been running my personal site on AWS Lambda for a few months now. This has given me a few months of data on the cost of host a WordPress site using Ymir. While this is just one example, it’s still an excellent opportunity to look at the real world cost of using AWS Lambda to host a WordPress site.

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